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Resource Description
2017-2018 SAGE Mid-Year Summative Test Administration Manual /core/fileparse.php/4003/urlt/MidyearSummativeTAM.pdf
Detailed documentation on the policy and procedures for the 2017-2018 SAGE Mid-Year Summative test administration.
AIR Ways Reporting for Teachers /core/fileparse.php/4003/urlt/AIR-Ways-Benchmarks-Teacher-Guide_09272016-1.pdf
Accessing AIR Ways Reporting for Teachers.
AIR Ways Reporting for Districts /core/fileparse.php/4003/urlt/AIR-Ways-Benchmarks-District-Guide_09272016-1.pdf
Accessing AIR Ways Reporting for Districts.
AIR Ways Reporting for Schools /core/fileparse.php/4003/urlt/AIR-Ways-Benchmarks-School-Guide_09272016-1.pdf
Accessing AIR Ways Reporting for Schools.
AIR Ways User Guide 2017-2018 /core/fileparse.php/4003/urlt/AIR-Ways_2017-2018_08.28.2017.pdf
The AIR Ways User Guide is intended for LEAs and school-level test administrators and coordinators (teachers and school administrators) viewing Benchmark reports in AIR Ways.
Online Reporting System 2017-2018 /core/fileparse.php/4003/urlt/ORS-_User_Guide_2017-2018_FINAL.pdf
This user guide provides information about all Online Reporting System (ORS) features, including instructions for viewing score reports, downloading student results, creating and editing rosters, and searching for students.
SAGE Test Administrator User Guide 2017-2018 /core/fileparse.php/4003/urlt/SAGE-TA-User-Guide_2017-2018_10.09.17.pdf
This user guide supports Test Administrators (TAs) who manage testing for students participating in the SAGE Summative, Interim, and Benchmark assessments, as well as the SAGE training tests.