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Managing Test Windows /core/fileparse.php/4003/urlt/Managing-Test-Windows-final1.pdf
This document describes how to manage test windows in TIDE.
Template for Uploading Test Windows /core/fileparse.php/4003/urlt/Managing-Test-Windows-final.pdf
This is a sample excel file that can be used to upload Test Windows for an LEA or School. There is a tab with a full list of test names for each instrument showing the correct format for the upload process. Best practice, if you are electing to use test windows, is to upload a window for each instrument with the dates they will be delivered. To control the dates tests will be available in the TA interface, they must be in a window or their access will default to the full state window.
TIDE FAQ's /core/fileparse.php/4003/urlt/TIDE_FAQ_2015-2016.docx
Frequently Asked Questions about using TIDE.
User Roles and Access Guide 2017-2018 /core/fileparse.php/4003/urlt/User_Roles_and_Access_2017-2018.pdf
TIDE User Guide 2017-2018 /core/fileparse.php/4003/urlt/SAGE_TIDE_Guide_2017_2018_08.14.17.pdf
How to access TIDE (Test Information Distribution Engine) which manages student and user information, test settings, accommodations, and test invalidation requests.