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SAGE (Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence) is Utah’s computer adaptive assessment system aligned to the state’s core standards. This comprehensive testing system includes the following summative, interim, and formative components.

SAGE Summative: Summative adaptive assessments required for state and federal accountability provided for English language arts (ELA), math and science

SAGE Interim: Adaptive assessments for English language arts (ELA), math and science, similar to the SAGE Summative. NOT required by the state, but available to LEAs for their determined use.

Benchmark Modules: Fixed form optional assessments for English language arts (ELA), math and science reporting categories that can be used to determine the degree each student has demonstrated mastery of a specific assessed standard. Not predictive of SAGE Summative. Results in AIR Ways benchmark reporting system.

This is the portal to all things SAGE. Use this site to access test administration functions, training, and other resources, and to download the secure browser.

Recent Announcements

  • Notice! The SAGE SEEd Science scores are now available in the ORS system.

    Make sure you do the following once you have logged in:

    1. Select SEEd from the TEST drop down menu on the Home Page Dashboard
    2. Make sure the ADMINISTRATION is for school year: 2017-2018
    3. Click the 3rd radio button: Scores for students who were mine when they tested during the selected administration

    Remember, all SAGE systems and the Helpdesk will close COB October 31, 2018.  Once the SAGE Portal closes, you will not be able to log in to see or print results.  Make sure you download any results beforehand.

    Results from this administration will be posted on the Data Gateway located at: https://datagateway.schools.utah.gov

    Contact the SAGE Helpdesk if you have any questions.

    Added October 12, 2018
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