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About the Training Tests

Purpose of the SAGE Training Tests

The purpose of the Utah SAGE Training Tests is to familiarize students and teachers with the design, format, and procedures for answering different types of items that will be included in the SAGE Summative assessments. Every school should also use these tests to certify that their local technology configuration can deliver SAGE Summative tests. Administering the training tests via the secure browser allows schools to determine whether their network and hardware can successfully administer live operational tests this spring.

These tests are aligned to the Utah Core Standards according to their individual grade span and represent both the variety in difficulty and item format that students may see on the SAGE Summative assessments. Some students may have difficulty with some of the content aligned to higher grades within the grade span of each training test; nevertheless, this should not interfere with students’ ability to interact with an item for its intended training purpose. If an item is appears to be too difficult, encourage your students to experiment with the tools, choose the best answer and move on to the next item.

Schools are encouraged to have students take the appropriate training test prior to the administration of SAGE Summative; however, each LEA/school may decide how it wants to use the training tests with its students.

The training tests do not include an item for each of the aligned Core State Standards that will be measured by the operational assessments. The training tests will NOT provide scores for students and should NOT be used to measure students’ content knowledge.

Each content test will contain items aligned to the indicated content area and grade span below. The SAGE Writing training test will provide students with an example stimulus, prompt, and response mechanism.

The training tests are divided in separate grade bands and content areas in the following manner:

  • Math
    • Math Grades 3–4
    • Math Grade 5
    • Math Grade 6
    • Math Grades 7–8
    • Math Grades HS (High School)
  • Science
    • Science Grades 4–6
    • Science Grades 7–8
    • Science Grades HS (High School)
  • Language Arts and Literacy
    • Reading, Language, and Listening Grades 3–5
    • Reading, Language, and Listening Grades 6–8
    • Reading, Language, and Listening Grades 9–11
  • Writing
    • Writing Grades 3–5
    • Writing Grade 6
    • Writing Grades 7–8
    • Writing Grades 9–11